“Break, Dominate, And Destroy Their Faith” (Part 1)

Ghandi, a widely known Indian Ruler, received his education in Britain and returned to India. He was the son of a Christianized Indian. In fact, his father was the Archbishop of Porbandar city. When in 1311 [A. D. 1893] he was sent by a British company in India to South Africa and witnessed the heavy conditions the Indians were being employed under and the barbarous treatment they were being subjected to, he put up a struggle against the British. Although he was the son of a person brought up and even Christianized by the British, he could not bear the sight of this British cruelty and savagery. This was his first step towards the movement that would later earn him his renown. The basis of the policy which the British have followed throughout the Muslim world consists of this three-word slogan: "Break, dominate, and destroy their faith." They have not hesitated to fulfil all the requirements of this policy, whatsoever.

The first thing they did in India was to find the people who would serve them. Using these people, they slowly lit the fire of mischief. The people most suitable for this purpose were the Hindus living under Muslims' domination; so they used these people. The Hindus were leading a peaceful life under the equitable ruling of the Muslims, when the British approached them and gradually imbued them with the thought that Hindus were the real owners of India, that Muslims had been killing the Hindu gods in the name of religious sacrifice, and that this practice should soon be put an end to. The Hindus were on the British side now. They employed some of them as mercenaries.