“I Shall Give Its Reward”


A hadith-i qudsi [1] purports, "Fasting is performed for Me. I shall give its reward," which means, "One fasts only for Me. None can be My partner in fasting." It is not permissible to attribute a partner to Allahu ta'ala in any worship, yet He has declared this only about fasting in order to emphasize the fact that we should be extra careful not to commit shirk in this. Some women deceitfully say that they fast for Allahu ta'ala and present the thawab (reward) for fasting to their shaikhs. If their word is true, why do they fix a certain day for their fasting, eat certain food at iftar [2] and practice detestable acts at the time of iftar? Most of them commit haram [3] at iftar. In order to fulfil these conditions they even commit beggary and believe that their problems are solved owing to these harams. All these are heresy, Satan's tricks.

[1] hadith-i qudsi: a hadith inspired by Allahu ta'ala but said by the Prophet.
[2] iftar: the act of breaking a fast. Fasting is done for thirty days in Ramadan. Iftar is done when the sun sets.
[3] haram: an action, word or thought prohibited by Allahu ta'ala.