A State On Which The Sun Never Sets

Based on a fetid foundation, a mixture of hostility against Islam, despotism, trickery and turpitude, the British Empire formerly called itself a state on which "the sun never sets".

At the end of their invasions in the nineteenth century, the Empire took possession of approximately one-fourth of the earth's surface, colonizing more than one-fourth of the earth's population.

India was the most significant, the most outstanding of the British colonies. It was India's tremendous population of over three hundred million [well over one billion as of today] and its inexhaustible natural wealth that earned the British their universal domination. In the First World War alone, Britain utilized one and a half million of India's population as fighting soldiers and one billion rupees of its treasury as ready money. They used most of these assets in smashing the Ottoman Empire. In peace time as well, it was India that helped Britain's stupendous industries to survive and sustained the British economy and finance.

There were two reasons for India's being an incomparably important colony: First, India was a country where Islam, which the British considered to be the greatest hindrance to their exploiting the whole world, was widespread, and Muslims were in the ascendant in this country. Second, India's natural riches.

In order to keep India under their domination, the British mounted offensives on all the Muslim countries that had transport links with India, sowed seeds of mischief and instigation, set brothers against one another, took these countries under their domination, and transported all their natural riches and national wealth back to their own country.

The perfidious character inherent in the nature of the British policy proves itself in that they meticulously followed the movements in the Ottoman Empire, set the Ottomans on a war with the Russians by using all sorts of political stratagems, and thus put them into a position wherefore it would be impossible for them to offer any help to India.