Abd-ul-hamîd Khân's Answer

Jews, supported and encouraged by the British, were planning to establish a Jewish State in Palestinian territory. Abd-ul-hamîd Khân, who was wise to their Zionistic activities and aspirations and therefore was quite aware of the Jewish threat in the region, advised the Palestinians not to sell the land of Palestine to Jews. Theodor Hertzel, leader of the Universal Zionist Organization, taking Rabbi Moshe Levi with him, visited Sultân Abd-ul-hamîd and requested that Jews be sold land. The Sultân's answer was this: "I would not give you a tiniest piece of land even if all the world's states came to me and poured before me all worldly treasures. This land, which cost our ancestors their lives and which has been preserved until today, is not saleable."

Upon this, the Jews cooperated with the party called Union and Progress. All the evil forces on the earth united against the Sultân, eventually dethroning him and orphaning all Muslims, in 1327 [C. E. 1909]. The leaders of the Union and Progress Party filled the highest positions of the State with enemies of Islam and freemasons. In fact, Hayrullah and Mûsâ Kâzým, whom they appointed as Shaikh-ul-Islam respectively, were freemasons. They made the country bloody all over. In the Balkan, Çanakkale (Dardanelles), Russian and Palestinian wars, which were actually caused by British henchmen, the world's biggest armed force founded by Abd-ul-hamîd Khân was annihilated through treacherous and base plans. They martyred hundreds of thousands of innocent youngsters and proved their own perfidious characters by fleeing the country at a time when the country needed unity and protection more than any other time.

Our non-Muslim compatriots who had been seduced in the missionary schools opened in the Ottoman Empire and in churches were provoked to rise against the Ottoman administration. The black-caped spies, who were sent forth under such names as 'teachers for schools' and 'priests for churches', and the so-called newspaper correspondents took money, weapons, and instigation wherever they went. Great rebellions broke out. The massacres perpetrated by Armenians, Bulgarians and Greeks still occupy the pages of history as stains representing human cruelty. It was the British, again, who brought the Greeks to Izmir. Allâhu ta'âlâ showed mercy to the Turkish nation, so that they were able to defend this beautiful country of ours at the end of a great struggle for independence.