Actions Of Rasûlullah (Sall Allahu 'alaihi Wa Sallam)

The actions that Rasûlullah (sall Allâhu 'alaihi wa sallam) did or avoided doing are of two types. The first type of actions is the ones which he did or did not do as forms of worship. Every Muslim has to adapt himself to these performances and avoidances. Actions which do not conform with them are bid'ats.

The second ones are the actions done as customs by the people of the cities and the countries in which he lived. He who dislikes them and says that they are unpleasant becomes a disbeliever. But it is not obligatory to do them. An action not conforming with them is not a bid'at. Doing or not doing them depends on the customs of one's country and nation. They are categorized as mubâh. They do not have anything to do with the religion. Each country has different customs. In fact, customs of a country may change in process of time.