Allahu Ta'ala's Perfect Attributes


Hadrat [1] Imam-i Rabbani says in the 67th letter of the second volume of his Maktubat:

Allahu ta'ala has perfect attributes. These attributes of His are Hayat, 'Ilm, Sam', Basar, Qudrat, Irada, Kalam, and Takwin. These attributes of His also are eternal, everlasting. Their existence is with Allahu ta'ala Himself. Creation of creatures and changes that have occurred in them do not harm the fact that the attributes are eternal. The recent occurrence of those things which the attributes have connections with does not prevent the attributes from being eternal. Philosophers, depending on mind only and their minds being deficient, and the Mu'tazila group of Muslims, not seeing the fact well, only dismissed the matter by saying that since creatures were of recent occurrence, the attributes which created and handled them were of recent occurrence, too. Thus, they disbelieved the eternal Sifat-i kamila. They said, "The attribute 'knowledge' does not penetrate into tiny motes. That is, Allahu ta'ala does not know of tiny things. For, changes in things will make changes in the attribute 'knowledge'. However, there cannot be change in something eternal. " They did not know that the attributes are eternal, but their relations with things are of recent occurrence.

[1] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.