As-sifat Adh-dhatiyya


The ulama [1] of Islam said that every discreet male or female Muslim, who has reached the age of puberty, ought to know and believe in the as-Sifat adh-Dhatiyya and as-Sifat ath-Thubutiyya of Allahu ta'ala correctly. It is this which is primarily obligatory (fard) for everybody. Not to know is not an excuse but a sin.

As-Sifat adh-Dhatiyya of Allahu ta'ala are six:

al-Wujud, existence

al-Qidam, being without beginning, and eternal in the past

al-Baqa', being without end, and eternal in the future

al-Wahdaniyya, having no partner or match

al-Mukhalafatu li-l-hawadith, being dissimilar to every creature in every respect

al-Qiyamu bi nafsihi, self-existence or being unneedy of anything for His existence.

No creature has any of these six attributes, nor any relation with them. They belong to Allahu ta'ala exclusively. Some 'ulama' said that al-Mukhalafatu li 'l-hawadith and al-Wahdaniyya were the same and that as-Sifat adh-Dhatiyya are five.

[1] 'ulama': pl. of 'alim; 'ulama' ar-rasihin, those learned in both zahiri and batini sciences.