Beautiful Habits Of Rasulullah


 All the beautiful habits were accumulated in Rasulullah. His beautiful habits were given to him by Allahu ta'ala; he did not acquire them later by striving. He never cursed a Muslim by mentioning his name, nor did he slap anybody with his blessed hand. He never took revenge for himself. He used to avenge for Allah's sake. He used to treat his relatives, companions and servants well and modestly. He was very mild and affable in his home. He used to visit the sick and attend funerals. He used to help his companions with their work and take their children on his lap. Yet his heart wasn't busy with them. His blessed soul was in the world of angels.

 Fakhr-i alam (sall-Allahu 'alaihi wa sallam) was the most generous of human beings. He has never been heard to say, "I don't have," about something asked from him. If he had the thing asked for, he gave it; if he didn't have it, he didn't answer. The Prophet had so many great attributes and had done so many favours for so many people that the Byzantine emperors and the Persian shahs could not do enough to compete with him. But he himself liked to live in inconvenience. He led such a life that he would not even remember to eat or drink. He never used words like "Bring something to eat," or "Cook such and such food. " He used to eat when they brought the meal to him, and he used to accept whatever fruit they gave him. Sometimes he ate very little for months, and he liked hunger. And sometimes he ate much. He used to eat with three fingers. He didn't drink water after meals. He used to drink water while sitting. When he ate with others, he used to stop eating after everybody had finished. He used to accept presents from everybody. In response to someone who had brought him a present, he used to give much more.