Biggest Thief

One day, asking his Sahâba, our Prophet 'sallallâhu alaihi wa sallam' stated, "Do you know who the biggest thief is?" "Allah and his Prophet know better," they replied. Upon this he stated, "The biggest thief is the one who steals from his own namâz, because he does not carry out the rules of namâz precisely!" One must avoid this theft, too, thus securing oneself against becoming a big thief. One must intend to perform namâz without having anything in one's heart. If the intention is not correct the worship will not be accepted. One must recite the qirâat correctly, do the rukû', the sajdas, the qawma and jalsa in due itmînân. In other words, after the rukû' one must stand upright and remain so as long as the duration in which one could say, "Subhânallah," and must sit upright and remain so as long as the same duration between the two sajdas. Thus, itmînân [tumânînat] will be fulfilled in the qawma and jalsa. Those who do not do so become thieves and will be tormented bitterly.