Books Of Ilm-i Hâl

Îmân and i'tiqâd are the same. There is a very lengthy and profound branch of knowledge describing them called ilm-i kalâm. Savants of kalâm are very great people, and books of kalâm are numerous. These books are also called books of aqâid. Things that are to be done or abstained from with the heart and body are called ahkâm-i Shar'iyya or shortly the Sharî'at.

The branch of knowledge communicating the ahkâm-i shar'iyya, which is done with the body, is called ilm-i fiqh. The books of kalâm of the four Madhhabs are the same, but their books of fiqh are different. The books that are written for non-educated people and that briefly and clearly describe the knowledge of kalâm (îmân), morals and fiqh, which everybody should know and do, are called the books of ilm-i hâl.

It is the first duty of each Muslim to get books of ilm-i hâl written by blessed people who know, love and take care for their religion. Afterwards, he must teach what he has learned to his wife and children. To attempt to learn the religion from the speeches and articles of ignorant people who call themselves and play the part of men of religion means to throw onself down into Hell.