Books Of Religion

Thousands of valuable books have been written on the tenets of the Islamic faith and its commands and prohibitions, and many of them have been translated into foreign languages and distributed to every country. On the other hand, ill-willed and short-sighted people have continuously attacked the useful, bountiful and lightsome rules of Islam and have striven to blemish and change it and to deceive Muslims.

It is still seen with gratitude that in almost every country scholars of Islam are striving to disseminate and defend this path. Unsuitable speeches and articles, however, are still being witnessed, which are claimed to have been taken from – but out of misunderstanding of – the Qur'ân al-karîm and the hadîth ash-sherîf by a few people who have not read or understood the books by the 'ulamâ' of Ahl as-Sunna. Yet these speeches and articles are ineffective against the firm îmân of Muslims and have no influence, but indicate the ignorance of their agents.