Commandments And Prohibitions Are For Muslims

Sinning means not to do Allah's commandments and not to avoid His prohibitions. Commandments and prohibitions are for Muslims, for those who have îmân. He has not honoured those who have no îmân, disbelievers, with commanding them or making them worship. Like animals, they do what they wish, and it is not a sin. They are not tormented in the world for not worshipping, for sinning; they get every kind of blessing; they obtain what they wish and work for. Only, the cruel ones, those who torment creatures, get their deserts in the world. Disbelievers have been commanded one thing only, they have been asked to do one thing only. This one thing is having îmân, becoming Muslim. Disobeying this one command, disbelievers have committed only one crime. Yet, it is the gravest crime. The penalty for the crime is very great, very bitter and endless. There cannot be such a penalty in the world. This endless penalty will be given to them in the next world, in Hell.