Created Three Things In Humans (Part 1)


Islamic scholars say: "Allahu ta'ala created three things in humans: wisdom ('aql), spiritual heart (qalb), and nafs [1]. We can see none of them. We can understand their existence by observing their effects or the things they do, or we know them because our religion teaches them to us. Wisdom and nafs are located in our brain and the spiritual heart is found over the biological heart, which is in the left side of our chest. They are not made of matter and do not occupy space. Their existence in these places is similar to the existence of electricity in a light bulb or that of the magnetic power in an induction bobbin. Wisdom tries to understand Islamic knowledge. It understands Islamic knowledge and its good and useful as well as evil and harmful variations or portions. The good and evil are discriminated in accordance with the divine law. Wisdom, which recognizes the divine law (Shari'at) and wants to obey it, is called "correctly thinking wisdom," ('aql-i-salim). People who have little wisdom and always make mistakes are called idiots or fools. People who have no wisdom are called crazy. Correctly thinking wisdom conveys good things taught by the divine law to the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart decides to do these good things. It uses the action nerves, which come out of the brain and go to the organs, to give orders to the organs so that they carry out these good things. Assimilation of the desire of doing good or evil things into the spiritual heart is called ethics or morals (akhlaq). The nafs is excessively fond of worldly pleasures. It does not think whether these are good or evil, useful or harmful. Its desires are not compatible with the divine law. Doing things that are forbidden by the divine law strengthens the nafs. It tries to convince the spiritual heart to commit the worst things. It deceives the spiritual heart by showing the evil and harmful things as good things. It strives to attain its pleasures by convincing the spiritual heart to satisfy its desires.

[1] nafs: a force in man which wants him to harm himself religiously; an-nafs al-ammara. A negative force within man prompting him to do evil. (Nafs-i ammara). Nafs is ammara by creation, that is, it always wishes evil and harmful deeds to be done. It is reluctant to obey the Shari'at. The nafs of a man who obeys the Shari'at and makes progress in the way of tasawwuf becomes mutmainna. It wishes to obey the Shari'at.