From Where Shall We Learn Our Religion? (Part 1)

Our Prophet tells us what to do in order not to fall into the traps of disbelievers. He declares: "There is Islam where there is knowledge. There is disbelief where there is no knowledge!" Here, too, he commands knowledge.

Then, in order not to be deceived by disbelievers, there is no other way than learning our religion.

From where shall we learn our religion? From the articles, radio broadcasts, movies or newspapers which the enemies of religion have prepared with lies and slanders in order to deceive youngsters or which they have translated from books written by priests or Masons? Or shall we learn it from those ignorant people who, with the purpose of earning money, edit incorrect books and translations of the Qur'ân? In Ramadân, in 1960, the Radio of Moscow attacked Islam insolently through very base and loathsome lies. The enemy's motion pictures misrepresent the lives of the prophets 'alaihis-salâtu wa-t-taslîmât' and Islamic history as loathsome by fabricating pictures. Muslims watch these corrupt pictures, assume that they are true, and in this way their faith, imân becomes depraved. The enemy's radio, motion pictures and magazines continue to proliferate. From where shall we learn our religion so that we can defend ourselves from these attacks?

Whom does a person who has trouble with his eyes resort to? To a dustman, a porter, a lawyer, a teacher of mathematics or to a doctor who is an eye specialist? Of course, he goes to the specialist and learns its remedy. And he who is seeking ways to save his faith and îmân should approach a religion specialist, instead of resorting to a lawyer, a mathematician, a newspaper or movies. Where and who are the religion specialists? Are they the translators who learn Arabic in Beirut, Syria, Iraq or Egypt? No. Religion specialists are now under the ground! It is very hard to find them on the earth today!