Hatim-i Asam (Part Iii)


Hatim said, "My fifth benefit: I observed other people and saw that most people thought that man's honour and value as a human being lay in occupying a commanding post and seeing how other people needed him and humiliated themselves in front of him and that they boasted with such things. Some of them, on the other hand, thought that the human value consisted of abundant property and progeny and boasted about possessing these qualities. And others, thinking that the honour of humanity was in spending one's property and money on things that would please and entertain other people, deprived themselves of utilizing their possessions at places and in manners prescribed by Allahu ta'ala and that in addition they were proud of this folly of theirs. I remembered an ayat-i-karima, which purports, 'The most honourable and the most valuable one among you is the one who fears Allahu ta'ala very much' Realizing that people were wrong, I dedicated myself to taqwa. In order to attain the forgiveness and blessings of Allahu ta'ala and fearing Him, I did not go out of Islam and always avoided harams [1]." Shaqiq's response to these words was: "Very well said. Say the sixth benefit."

Hatim said, "My sixth benefit is: I observed other people. I saw that they coveted one another's property, status and knowledge, parted into inimical groups and parties. I thought of an ayat-i-karima which purports, 'Your enemy is the devil. That is, the enemy is those who will strive to misguide you out of Islam. Know them as your enemy.' I knew Qur'an alkarim as the true word, and the devil and those who like him tried to mislead Muslims as enemies; I never believed their words or followed them. I did not worship their idols. I obeyed Allahu ta'ala's commandments. I never strayed from the way shown by the scholars of Ahl as-sunnat [2]. I believed that the only way to salvation, the true way is the Sunni way. As a matter of fact, an ayat-i-karima purports, 'O you sons of Adam! Did I not say: Do not worship the devil, and (did I not) make you promise! Obey and worship Me! This is the only way to salvation.' So I did not listen to those who would try to deceive Muslims. I did not cease from the books of the scholars of Ahl as-sunna, who are the guides of the way taught by Muhammad 'alaihis-salam'." Upon these statements, Shaqiq said, "So well done. Now say the seventh benefit."

[1] haram: an action, word or thought prohibited by Allahu ta'ala.
[2] Ahl as-Sunna (wa'l-Jama'a): the true pious Muslims who follow as-Sahabat al-kiram. These are called Sunni Muslims. A Sunni Muslim adapts himself to one of the four Madhhabs. These madhhabs are Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali.