Islam Commands Working

Islam emphatically commands every kind of work, working in all the branches of science, on knowledge and morals. It is written in books that all these efforts are fard-i kifâya (a fard which is no longer an obligation for other Muslims when one Muslim does it. That is, when one Muslim does it, the others don't have to do it any longer). Moreover, if a tool or a means newly discovered by science is not produced in an Islamic country, and if any Muslim suffers harm for this reason, the administrators, the authorities of that country, are held responsible according to Islam. It was declared in a hadîth, "Teach your sons how to swim and how to shoot arrows! What a beautiful amusement it is for women to spin threads in their homes." This hadîth commands us to procure every kind of knowledge and weaponry necessary for war, never to remain idle, and to find useful amusements. Today, it is for this reason that it is fard for a Muslim nation not to fall behind the scientific developments. By doing so, Islam will be known all over the world. Not striving to make them will be a grave sin.