First of all, one should administer justice to oneself, to one's behavior, and to one's limbs. Secondly, one should render justice to one's household, to one's neighbors and acquaintances. Also, members of the judiciary and members of parliament should mete out justice to the people. Hence, for possessing the virtue of justice, a person should first have justice in his actions and limbs. He should use all the forces in his body and all his limbs in a manner consistent with the purpose of their creation, instead of using them for purposes counter to reason and Islam and thereby violating the divine laws enacted by Allâhu ta'âlâ. If he has a family and children, he should treat them compatibly with reason and Islam without any digression at the sacrifice of the beautiful moral values shown by Islam. He should refine his personality with beautiful habits. If he is a judge or a governor or a commander or a director of an institution, he should encourage his inferiors to be steady with their daily religious practices, himself setting an example for them. A person with these qualifications has become Allâhu ta'âlâ's Khalîfa in the world. And in the Hereafter he will attain those blessings promised to people of justice. So auspicious and blessed is a person who fulfills these qualifications that the spiritual haloes of his goodness and barakat permeate the fortunate time and the blessed place he lives in, the lucky people who live therein, and even all the flora, fauna, and pabula. If, however, the government officials at a certain place are far from being compassionate, well-bred and just, and if –may Allâhu ta'âlâ protect us against such cataclysms– they violate people's rights and perpetrate such iniquities as cruelty, depredation and persecution, they are, let alone people of justice, companions and friends of fiends and demons.

People who govern other people cruelly will be treated mercilessly on the Day of Judgement by Allâhu ta'âlâ. There is a saying which goes as follows:

Man, lâ yarham, lâ yurham!

Which means, merciless people will not receive mercy! When such tyrants band together, they form gangs, not governments. Such people tyrannize millions of their follow men for the sordid interest of a couple of years' luxury in this ephemeral life, which never ends before they have met their nemesis. Amidst all the apparent welfare and transport they seem to be basking in, vehement trials and tribulations never let go of them. The only item of their worldly assets to leave them once and for all is their adored sovereignty, which, in the end, they mostly have to bear seeing in the hands of their enemies. Such an excrutiatingly humiliating experience! As a matter of fact, the eighty-first âyat of Sûra Maryam purports: "To Us shall return all that he talks of, and he shall appear before Us bare and alone."