Makruh Times For Supererogatory Salats

There are two periods of time in which it is makruh to perform only supererogatory salat. From dawn till sunrise in the morning no supererogatory other than the sunna of morning prayer should be performed. After performing the late afternoon prayer, it is makruh to perform any supererogatory prayer within the period between that time and evening prayer. It is makruh to begin performing the supererogatory, that is, the sunna, when the imam mounts the minbar on Friday and as the muezzin (or muadhdhin) says the iqama and while the imam leads the jama'a at any other prayer time; an exception from this is the sunna of morning prayer, which must be performed far behind the lines of jama'a or behind a pillar. There are some scholars who say that the sunna which has been started before the imam mounted the minbar must be completed.

If the sun begins to rise as you are performing morning prayer, the prayer will not be sahih. If the sun sets as you are performing late afternoon prayer, the prayer will be sahih. If a person flies towards west by plane after performing evening prayer and if he sees the sun, he must perform the evening prayer again when the sun sets.