Mawlid Night

Mawlid means a birthday. Mawlid night is the night between the eleventh and twelfth days of the month of Rabî'uluwwal. It is the birth night of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa "alaihissalâm", who was sent as the Prophet for people all over the world and is the last and the highest of all prophets. After Qadr Night, it is the most valuable night. That night, those who become happy because the best of Mankind sall-Allâhu'alaili wasallam, was born will be forgiven. Abû Leheb was very happy when his female slave Suveybe came to him with the good news: "You have a nephew". Abû Leheb said that he would manumit her under the condition that she would feed his nephew with her breast-milk. So Suveybe became Rasulullah's first wet-nurse. fpor this reason, at every Mawlid Night Abû Leheb's punishment is diminished. At this night Hadrat Rasulullah "sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam" would give a feast to his Sahâba, and would tell about the miracles that were seen when he was born and in his childhood.

Hadrat Abû Bekir, when he was Khalifa, would also gather the Sahaba and he they would talk about the same miracles. That night, it brings much thawâb to read, listen to and learn about the wonders and miracles that were seen when Rasûlullah "sall-Allâhu alaihi wa sallam" was born.

Hadrat Mawlânâ says: "Calamities leave the place where Mawlid is chanted." There are many Mawlids that praise our Prophet Muhammad "alaihissalâm". The most famous Mawlid, that is often chanted in Turkey, belongs to Süleyman Çelebi, who lived during the 15th century. To chant Mawlid-i sherîf means to talk about the coming of Rasûlullah into this world, about his Mi'râj and life, to remember and praise him.

In hâdiths it is said: "A person won't be a real Mumin (muslim) unless he loves me more than he loves his father, his children and anyone else." "Someone who loves something very much will certainly think of it very often." "To think of Prophets and remember them is on act of worship."

All around the world Muslims celebrate this night as a Mawlid Night, and chante Mawlid to remember Rasulullah. It is mustahab, without using any musical instruments or other things that are haram, to organize gatherings for the sake of Allah where Mawlid are chanted, salawat-i serif is read and sweet things are offered. By this way people express their thankfulness for this day.