Max Planck And His Religious Belief (Part 2)

"If religion is compared with branches of science, no contradiction can be found in them. Both religion and branches of science accept that this world cannot exist without an enormous Creator. All the new findings by branches of science are proofs which indicate the existence and the greatness of this enormous Creator. No differences exist between religion and the branches of science. The way of science is not something else, but some people claim so. What a shame it is that some people in our century think that there is no relationship between religion and branches of science. This idea is completely wrong. As I have tried to explain above, religious beliefs and thoughts are supported by branches of science.

"If you read history, you'll see that the most famous scientists tightly followed a religion. Leibniz, Newton and Kepler were very pious men. As a matter of fact, in those days, scientific experiments were done only in churches, in dark dirty rooms, or in priests' houses. Then, in the course of time, labs, institutions and universities were founded; hence, the scholars of religion and science began to study separately and followed different methods. Over time, their methods became so different from each other that it was thought that their aims must be different, too. In fact, they are not the ways leading to opposite directions. On the contrary, they are exactly parallel lines of each other. They go towards the same destination. As parallel lines are supposed to come to the same point in the infinite distance, religion and science will embrace each other in the main infinite distance, too."