Real Superiority

Prayer times and fasting periods that are given in the "Turkiye" Calendar and in the meshweret Islamic calendar and on the web sites are authentic values that have not been subjected to any defilements every city has its own, and only one, period of tamkin is used to find the shar'i times of the five daily prayers from their correctly calculated true times. The period of Tamkin (used in acertain city)does not vary with the prayer it is applied to. According to report in (the valuable book of figh entitled) Durr-i-yektâ, ifb, with the pure surmise that the period of tamkin may be a margarinal length of time added to or subtracted from the true times of prayers precautionary considerations, imsâk (canonical dawn, whence the daily period of fast and that of morning prayer commance,) is belated for 3 to 4 minutes, or if for the same matter the iftâr (canonical sunse, whence the period of fast ends and that of evening prayer commences,) is advenced for a similar amount of time the ritual of fast in either case, and the evening prayer in the latter case, will not be acceptable. All muslims have to adapt themselves to the Ijmâ'-i-muslimin in their acts of worship