Reciting The Sûra Yâsîn-i Sherîf

Sayyid Abdulhakîm bin Mustafa Arwâsî 'rahmatullâhi aleyh' says in his booklet Safar-i-âkhirat:

It is an important sunna to recite (or read) the Sûra Yâsîn in the presence of the ill person. A hadîth-i sherîf declares, "If you say the Sûra Yâsîn-i sherîf in the presence of an ill person, he will die satiated with water and enter his grave satiated with water." That is, he will not feel the thirst caused by the throes of death. Since the Sûra Yâsîn-i sherîf tells about the things that will happen after the Resurrection, explains that this world is transitory and foretells the blessings in Paradise and the torment in Hell, when it is said in the presence of an ill person he will have heard the things that will cause him to die with îmân.

There are ten benefits in reciting (or reading) the Sûra Yâsîn-i sherîf:

1- The hungry person will become satiated. That is, his food will come to him unexpectedly.
2- The thirsty person will find water enough to satisfy him fully.
3- The person without clothes will find clothes.
4- The ill person whose time of death has not come will recover.
5- The ill person whose hour of death has come will not feel the throes of death.
6- As he dies, the angels of Paradise will come to him and show themselves to him.
7- The fearful person will become secure against what he fears.
8- A stranger lonely in a place will find someone to help him.
9- It will become easy for a bachelor to get married.
10- Lost or missing property will be found.

However, it must be read with belief and one must intend for these things.

Our Prophet (sallallâhu 'alaihi wasallam) declares, "When a sûra is recited (or read) in the presence of a dying person, an angel for each letter (of the sûra) will come and pray so that his soul will leave him with ease. As he is washed, they will keep him company. As his janâza is carried, they will go with him. They will attend at his janâza namâz. They will be with him during his interment. They will pray for him all the time." Another hadîth-i sherîf declares, "If the Yâsîn-i sherîf is read (or recited) in the presence of a Muslim who is ill, the angel named Ridwân will bring him sherbet from Paradise. He will give away his soul sated with water. He will go to his grave sated. He will not need water."