Religion Will Not Change In The Process Of Time


Some people say that a religion will change in the process of time, that laws of the Shari'at [1] have become obsolescent, old, that a religion is needed to meet the needs of our age. Yes, the religion changes in the course of time. But its owner, Allahu ta'ala, changes it. As a matter of fact, He has changed it many times since Hadrat Adam and finally sent Hadrat [2] Muhammad's Shari'at as the most perfect, the highest religion which will meet all requirements and needs until the end of the world. Could the poor human beings make a religion which is better than the one which Allahu ta'ala says to be perfect? Yes, a nation's laws will change in the process of time, but only the National Assembly can change them, not any guard or shepherd. It is written in the thirty-ninth chapter of Majalla and in its explanation, "The rules will change in the process of time. Rules that are dependent upon customs and traditions will change. Rules that are derived from the Nass (ayats [3] with clear meanings) do not change in the process of time."

[1] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.
[2] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.
[3] ayat: A verse of al-Qur'an al-karim; al-ayat al-karima.