Remarks From Some Foreign Scholars

Lamartine describes Hadrat Muhammad 'sall Allâhu 'alaihi wa sallam' as: "A man who was a philosopher, speaker, Prophet, and commander who charmed human thoughts, brought new dogmas, and founded an extraordinary Islamic state. Here is Muhammad 'alaihi 's-salâm'. Let them measure him with all the scales that are used to measure the greatness of any person; I wonder if there could be a man greater than him. There cannot be." Lamartine could not prevent himself from saying these words.

Gibbon, states: ". . . and the Koran is a glorious testimony to the unity of God." Michael H. Hart, who is an American expert on astronomy, studied the lives of all the great men from Hadrat Âdam up to our time one by one. Distinguishing only one hundred from among them, he demonstrated how Muhammad 'alaihissalâm' was the greatest of them all. He did not omit saying, "His might came from Qur'ân al-kerîm which he believed was revealed to him by Allah."

Jules Masserman, a well-known Jewish psychoanalyst, professor at Chicago University in America, examines in a special issue of Time magazine, which was published on July 15, 1974, all the great leaders in history up to now under the title "Where Are the Great Leaders." He analyzes their lives, and says, "The greatest among them is Muhammad 'alaihi 's-salâm'.

Today's cultured man, when he thinks about himself impartially, has to believe in the existence of Allâhu ta'âlâ. After reading Koranic translations which are not exactly correct, they confess that Islam is the only true religion. Translations can never be the same as an original. For this reason, those foreigners who wish to examine Islam should be advised to read books of 'aqâid, written by Islamic scholars 'rahmatullâhi ta'âlâ 'alaihim ajma'în'.