It is necessary to believe in [the other] life after death. After the flesh and bones rot and turn into earth and gas, they will come together again; the souls will enter the bodies they belong to, and everybody will rise up from his grave. Therefore, this time is called the Day of Qiyama (Resurrection).

All living creatures will gather at the place of Mahshar. The deed-books will fly to their owners. The deed-books of the pious (salih), the good people, will be given from their right, and those of the sinful (fasiq), the bad people will be given from their back or left. Every action, good or evil, big or little, done secretly or openly, will be in that book. Even those deeds unknown to the kiram katibin angels will be revealed by the human organs' witnessing and by Allahu ta'ala, who knows everything, and there will be questioning and settlement of accounts on every action. Almighty Allah, the creator of the earth, heavens, stars and all particles, will make all these happen. Allahu ta'ala's Messenger (sall-Allahu ta'ala 'alaihi wa sallam) reported that these will happen. It is for certain that what he said is true. All will certainly happen.