Resurrection From The Grave On The Day Of Rising

On the Day of Rising everybody will be resurrected from his grave with the same figure, stature and sizes of limbs as he had when he died. Each person's coccyx will not change but his other limbs will be recreated on this bone, the souls will find these new bodies and enter them. The souls' entering these new bodies is not metempsychosis. Metempsychosis is a concept pertaining to this world. There cannot be metempyshosis in the next world. Man's body, limbs change in the world, too. The flesh, the fat, the skin, the bones of a forty year old person are different from those which he had when he was a child. But he is the same person.

For, man means soul. The body changes, but the soul does not. A person's finger-prints never change. No person's finger-prints are like another's. The shape of the lines on a person's finger-tips form before he is born, while his soul enters his body. They never change until the person dies and his body decays. It has been observed that they have remained the same on five-thousand year old mummies. Each of the lines on the finger-tips is made up of holes arranged side by side. Each tiny hole leaks sweat. When a person holds something, the sweat that leaks out sticks to it and remains there in the shape of the lines. When some chemical that can color the sweat is put on that thing the person's finger-prints are seen on it.

In the eightieth page of the Persian book Kimyâ-yi Se'âdet, Imâm-i Muhammad Ghazâlî, a great scholar, says, "As the bodies which a person has at various ages are different from one another, so he will be resurrected from the grave with a body which has the same shape and stature but which is made up of different motes. When this writing of ours is understood well, there will no longer be need for questions such as: if a man eats another man, on which man will the eaten limb be recreated, on the man eaten, or on the one who ate him? For, not the limbs themselves but their copies will be created."