Takbîr-i Teshrîq That Is Read

According to the Imâmayn, from morning prayer on the 'Arafa day, that is, the day preceding the 'Iyd of Qurbân, until late afternoon prayer on the fourth day, there are twenty-three prayers of namâz to be performe; it is wâjib for everyone, for men and women, for hadjis and for those who are not making the hajj, for those who are performing namâz in jamâ'at and for those who are performing it alone to say the Takbîr-i teshrîq (Allâhu akbar, Allâhu akbar. Lâ ilâha illallah. WAllâhu akbar. Allâhu akbar wa lillâhil-hamd) once immediately after making the salâm in any namâz that is fard or when making qadâ of any fard namâz for the days of this 'Iyd. This (takbîr) is said after the prayers of Friday, too. It is mustahab to recite it after 'Iyd prayer. It is not said after the namâz of janâza. It is not necessary to say it after leaving the mosque or if you have talked (after the namâz). If the imâm forgets the takbîr, the jamâ'at must not omit it. Men may say it loudly.