Teachings In The Qur'ân Al-kerîm

It is written in Mawdû'at-ul-'Ulûm: "Teachings in the Qur'ân are of three categories. The first category comprises facts which He has not imparted to anybody. Nobody besides Allah Himself knows Him, His Names and Attributes. The second type of knowledge He has intimated only to Hadrat Muhammad. No one besides this exalted Prophet and the superior savants, who are his inheritors, can comprehend this type of knowledge. Examples of this are the âyats called 'mutashâbih'." The third category embodies teachings which He has communicated to His Prophet and has commanded him to teach them to his Ummat (Muslims).

This knowledge also is of two parts. The first part contains Qisâs (histories), which describe the states of the past people, and the Akhbâr (news), which explains the things that He has created and will create in this and the next worlds. These can be understood only after being explained by Rasûlullah (sall Allâhu 'alaihi wa sallam). They cannot be understood through mind or experimentation. The second type can be understood through mind, experimentation and by learning Arabic. Such is the case with deriving rules from the Qur'ân and understanding scientific knowledge.