The Best Of Men


The enemies of Islam have always been trying to annihilate Islam and Muslims. Communists have been attacking through every kind of propaganda, loathome lies, slanders and very wild, barbaric tortures. Muslims see these base attacks and do not get deceived. Freemasons, however, have been attacking Islam through insidious, sweet words, smiling face, financial help and flattery. They say that all people, religious or irreligious, are brothers and that religion is unnecessary. They try to annihilate Islamic brotherhood to replace it with masonic brotherhood. The most terrible enemies of Islam are those who, pretending to be Muslims and disguising themselves as men of religious authority, try to demolish it insidiously from the inside. Such bigots of religion have come forth in Arabia and India. They deceive Muslims in their speech and articles with such misleading words as, "We will reform the religion. We will purify Islam from superstitions and heresies. We will expose the commands of the Qur'an to view." They cause disunion and make brothers enemies to one another. Islam, however, commands union, mutual love and help. It is a duty for every Muslim to do favour and to disembarrass other Muslims and even non-Muslim fellow-countrymen, foreign businessmen and tourists.

Rasulullah ('alaihi 's-salam) said, "The best of men is the one who is helpful to mankind"; "The person who owes a debt of human rights will not enter Paradise unless he pays it"; "Do not rebel even if those who govern you are Abyssinian unbelievers!" Both in his own country and in unbelievers' country, every Muslim should observe everybody's rights, should not do harm or offend anybody and should obey the laws and the administration. For this purpose, we should teach Islamic knowledge and its beautiful morals to the youth. If the pure youth are left ignorant of Islam, their belief (iman) in Islam and their morals will be corrupted by being deceived by false heroes and hypocritical friends, thus they will run toward endless disaster and ruination.