The Freezing Torments Of Hell


It is written on the two hundred and ninth page of the book Amentü Sharhi, written by Kadızada Ahmed Effendi, "In Hell, there is a place called Zamharir. That is, it is the cold Hell. Its cold is so vehement that it cannot be endured for even a moment. Disbelievers will be tormented by being thrown once into the cold Hell and then once into the hot one, and then again into the cold one and then again into the hot one. "

By attacking Islam through lies and slanders, the enemies of religion say, "Because all prophets came to hot countries, they always frightened people with fire by saying that fire was the means of torment of Hell. If they had come to the poles, to the cold northern countries, they would have said that the torment would be done with ice. "

These disbelievers are both ignorant and stupid. As a matter of fact, if they knew of the Qur'an al-karim and if they had heard of the words of the great men of Islam and if they were a little clever, they would become Muslims immediately. At least, perhaps, they would not be so low as to write down these reckless lies. Our religion both declares that there are cold torments in Hell, and communicates that prophets were sent not only to hot countries, but also to every country on earth, whether hot or cold.

The Qur'an answers the questions asked of our prophet according to the knowledge and understanding of the persons who asked them. Also, it explains the unknown beings in the next world by likening them to the ones which they have seen and known in the world. Since the Meccans had not heard of the poles and of the countries of ice, it would be useless to tell them about the freezing torments of Hell. The existence of such information compatible with this subtlety in the Qur'an and hadiths [1] causes today's disbelievers to become more confused.

[1] hadith (sharif): i) a saying of the Prophet ('alaihi 's-salam).; al-Hadith ash-sharif: all the hadiths as a whole; ii) 'ilm al-hadith; iii) Books of the hadith ash-sharif. iv) Al-hadith al-qudsi, as-sahih, al-hasan: kinds of hadiths (for which, see Endless Bliss, II).