The Power Of Option In Mankind


Allahu ta'ala willed in pre-eternity to give to mankind the power of option, and to let them choose freely the things they want to do or do not want to do. He never forces men to do something. The reason for mankind having the power of option is because Allahu ta'ala willed it so. The freedom that mankind has in doing what he wishes clearly indicates that mankind has the power of option; as well, it denotes that Allahu ta'ala willed it in pre-eternity that way. If He had not willed mankind to have the power of option, and if He had not created it in them, then man would not be free, but would be compelled to do the thing he wished for. However, when a man wishes and wills to do something, Allahu ta'ala, too, wills it and creates it.

Allahu ta'ala is the Creator of the things men opted for. Man cannot create and then do any one of his wishes. After he wills something, then Allahu ta'ala also wills it and creates it. He, Allahu ta'ala, is the only Creator and Maker of every thing. There is no creator other than Him. To call anyone other than Him Creator, or to say '. . . someone created' is very wrong and is an act of making someone a shareholder, a partner with Allahu ta'ala, which is what He most emphatically prohibited and informed that such people will experience an endless and most vehement torment.