The Use Of Worship Is For The Doer


Most people go wrong by acting upon doubts and illusions. Some of such ill-thinking people say, 'Allahu ta'ala does not need our 'ibadat (worshipping to Him). Our 'ibadat do Him no good. It is indifferent to His Greatness whether people worship Him or disobey Him. Those who perform 'ibadat suffer trouble and bother themselves in vain. ' This reasoning is wrong; those who do not know Islam say so because they think that 'ibadat are commanded because they are useful to Allahu ta'ala. This is a very wrong supposition that makes one confuse impossible with possible. Any 'ibada done by anybody is useful to himself only. Allahu ta'ala declares clearly in the eighteenth ayat [1] of the surat [2] Fatir that this is so. A person who bears this wrong thought is like a sick person whom the doctor recommends to diet but who does not diet and says, 'It won't harm the doctor if I don't diet. ' He is right to say that it will not harm the doctor. But it will harm him. The doctor recommends him to diet not because it will be useful to the doctor himself but to cure the patient's disease. If he follows the doctor's advice he will recover. If he does not, he will die, and this will not harm the doctor at all.

[1] ayat: A verse of al-Qur'an al-karim; al-ayat al-karima.
[2] suura(t): a Qur'anic chapter [a chapter of the Qur'an].