There Can Be No Reform In The Religion

The knowledge which is acquired through tradition, that is, religious knowledge, is very exalted. It is beyond and above mind, the power of human brains. It can never be changed by any person at any time, and this is the meaning of the statement, "There can be no reform in the religion." Islam has not prohibited or limited the knowledge which is acquired through mind; yet it has commanded us to learn it together with religious knowledge and to utilize its results compatibly with the Islam. It has also commanded us to make it useful for people and not to use it as a medium for cruelty, oppression or mischief-making.

Muslims made and used many scientific tools. The compass was invented in 687 [1288 A. D.]. The rifle with a trigger was invented in 1282 [1866 A. D.]. The cannon was invented in 762 and used by Sultan Muhammed, the Conqueror. Islam prohibits the teaching and learning of immorality, false history and lies against Islam, which enemies of Islam, enemies of morality, put forward as education and give names such as "lessons" or "duties". Islam wants useful and good things and abstinence from bad and harmful propaganda.

Islam is a religion which encourages every branch of knowledge, every branch of science and every sort of experimentation. Muslims like science and believe in the experiments of the men of science. But, they cannot be deceived by the slanders and lies of false scientists, who introduce themselves as scientists.