They Willingly Became Muslims

A caravan of merchants made a night's halt immediately outside of Medina. Being exhausted, they soon fell asleep. Umar (radiy-Allâhu ta'âlâ 'anh), the Caliph, who was walking one of his usual beats around the city, saw them. He went to Abd-ur-Rahmân Ibn Awf's (radiy-Allâhu ta'âlâ 'anh) house and said to him: 'A caravan is here tonight. They are all disbelievers. But they have consigned themselves to our protection. They have many valuable goods. I fear that strangers or travellers may rob them. Come along, let's guard them.' They guarded them until next morning, and then went to the mosque for the morning prayer. A youngster among the merchants had not slept. He followed them. Inquiring about them, he found out that the person who had guarded them was Umar, the Caliph (radiy-Allâhu 'anh). He went back and told his companions all about this. Seeing the mercy and compassion of the exalted Caliph, who had routed the Roman and Iranian armies, who had conquered numerous cities, and who was so well known for his justice, they concluded that Islam was the true religion, and willingly became Muslims altogether.