Things That Are Absolutely Necessary To Be Believed

Allahu ta'ala exists by His zat; His existence is of Himself. As He exists now, He has always been existing and will continue to exist. There cannot be nonexistence before or after His being. His existence is indispensable. That is, He is Wajib-ul-wujud (the Indispensable Being). There cannot be nonexistence at that rank. Allahu ta'ala is One. That is, He does not have a partner or a likeness. He does not have a partner in being Wajib-ul-wujud, in being worshipped or in being worthy of worship. For having a partner, Allahu ta'ala has to be insufficient, dependent, which are defects and faults. There cannot be deficiencies in wujub, and uluhiyyat. He is sufficient, independent. That is, He is by Himself. Then, there is no need for a partner or a likeness. And being unnecessary is a defect and is not compatible with wujub and uluhiyyat. As it can be seen, to think that He has a partner shows that each of the partners is insufficient. That is, to think that there is a partner exposes the fact that there cannot be a partner. That means to say that Allahu ta'ala does not have a partner. He is one.

Allahu ta'ala has perfect Attributes that are not deficient. They are: hayat (to exist), 'ilm (to know), sam' (to hear), basar (to see), qudrat (to be omnipotent), irada (to will), kalam (to say) and tekwin (to create). These eight Attributes are called Sifat-i thubutiyya or Sifat-i haqiqiyya. These attributes of His are eternal. That is, they are not (of recent occurrence).

Wujub and uluhiyyat: 'Wujub' means 'being necessary.' It also means 'the being whose existence is indispensable.' Allahu ta'ala and his eight Attributes are in the grade of wujub. They are wajib. 'Uluhiyyat' means 'being worthy of being worshipped and entreated.' It is necessary to worship, entreat a being who creates man and keeps him in existence every moment and who creates everything which is necessary for man and who protects him against horror and who is powerful enough to do everything and who does not have a likeness, an assistant or any being powerful enough to oppose Him. This being is the grade of uluhiyyat.