Three Necessities


The things necessary for everybody, and especially the youth, are three: The first necessity is to correct the faith, so as from the Hell fire to be set free.

For that purpose you must gain the exact knowledge of faith and iman [1]. Knowledge is required to believe and then to act upon the Divine Firman.

You should learn the aqaid tenets), and fiqh [2] as much as needed in your case. The second necessity is to obey the shari'at [3] and follow Muhammad (alaihissalam) pace by pace.

The third necessity is to acquire ikhlas [4] in every deed discarding vanity and show. In obtaining all these essentials of Islam, you should be like an arrow in a bow, the acceptance and reward for a deed with no ikhlas is impossible to find. The source of ikhlas is tasawwuf [5], keep that always in mind.

[1] iman: faith, belief, beliefs of Islam; kalam, i'tiqad.
[2] fiqh: knowledge dealing with what Muslims should do and should not do; actions, a'mal, 'ibadat.
[3] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.
[4] ikhlas: (quality, intention or state of) doing everything only for Allahu ta'ala's sake; sincerity.
[5] tasawwuf: (Islamic sufism as defined by Islam) knowledge and (after adapting oneself to fiqh) practice of the manners of the Prophet ('alaihi 's-salam) which strengthens iman, makes the practice of fiqh easy and provides one to attain ma'rifa; 'ilm at-tasawwuf. [See the book Maktubat by Ahmad al-Faruqi as-Sirhindi (rahmatullahi ta'ala 'alaih)].