To Obey The Shari'at


Hadrat [1] Imam-i Rabbani says in the 54th letter of the third volume of his Maktubat:

The world's sweet things and transient blessings are useful and halal only when they help one to obey the brilliant Shari'at [2]. A worldly advantage is good when it is together with the advantage pertaining to the Hereafter. Those worldly blessings which do not help earn the Hereafter are like poisons covered with sugar. Idiots are deceived by them. Shame on those who do not use the theriac prescribed by Allahu ta'ala as a curative against these poisons! So wretched are those who do not cure these sugary, sweet poisons by enduring the difficulty of obeying the commandments and prohibitions of the Shari'at. A person who makes only a small effort, who makes a little attempt at following the Shari'at, will attain endless advantages.

It is so easy to follow the commandments and prohibitions of the Shari'at. And with only a little unawareness and slackness these endless blessings will be lost. A person with a far-sighted, accurate mind should follow this briliant Shari'at. He should not be like a child who misses useful things by being absorbed in playing with walnuts and cypress cones. If you observe and obey the Shari'at during your worldly occupations you will have followed the Prophet's 'alaihimussalawatu wattaslimat' way and clung to your faith.

[1] Hadrat: title of respect used before the names of great people like and Islamic scholars.
[2] Shari'at: (pl. of Shari'a) i) rules and commandments as a whole of the religion. ii) religion.