Two Letters By Sharaf Ad-din Muniri (Rahimah-allahu Ta'ala) (Part 2)


Some other wrong-thinking people never perform any 'ibada (worship) nor stop committing prohibitions (harams). That is, they do not obey Islam. They say, 'Allah is Karim (Gracious) and Merciful. He pities His human slaves very much. His Forgiveness is endless. He will not torture anybody.' Yes, they are right in their first statement, but wrong in their last statement. The Devil deceives and misleads them to disobedience. A reasonable person will not be deceived by the Devil. Allahu ta'ala is not only Karim and Merciful, but also He will torture very vehemently, very bitterly. We witness that He makes many people live in poverty and trouble in this world. He makes, without hesitation, many of His slaves live in torment. Though He is very Merciful and the Razzaq (Sustainer), He will not give even one morsel of bread unless the trouble of agriculture and farming is undertaken. Though He is the One who keeps everybody alive, He will not let a person survive without eating and drinking. He will not cure a sick person who does not take medicine. He created means for all the worldly blessings such as living, not becoming sick and owning property, and showed no mercy in depriving those who would not hold fast to the means of the worldly blessings. So is the case with attaining the blessings of the next world. He made disbelief and ignorance poisons fatal to the soul. And laziness makes the soul sick. If medicine is not used, the soul will become sick and die. The one and only medicine for disbelief and ignorance is knowledge and ma'rifa. And the medicine for laziness is to perform salat (daily prayer) and all kinds of 'ibadat. In this world, if a person takes poison and then says, 'Allah is Merciful, and He will protect me against the harm of poison,' he will become ill and die. If a person with diarrhoea drinks castor oil [or if a diabetic eats sugar or starchy food], he will get worse. To follow one's lust (shahwa), that is, to do the desires of the nafs [1], makes his heart sick. If a person believes that following his lust is a sin and is harmful, his following the lust will not kill his heart. If he disbelieves its harm, it will kill his heart, because he who disbelieves becomes a disbeliever. And disbelief is a poison for the heart and soul.