Types Of Disbelief (Part 2)


b) The second type of ignorance is compound ignorance (jahl al-murakkab), which means to have a wrong and corrupt belief. The belief of ancient Greek philosophers and the people among the seventy-two heretical groups of Muslims who lose their iman (belief) exemplify this type of ignorance. This type of ignorance is worse than the first type. It is a disease that has no remedy. Jesus (Isa 'alaihis-salam') said, "I have cured deaf and dumb people and resuscitated dead bodies. Yet I have not found medicine for compound ignorance." This group of people don't consider themselves as ignorant. Instead, they hold themselves and their knowledge superior to others. They are not aware of their illness, so they do not seek remedy. Only those who are given Divine Assistance can come to their senses so to understand their illness and seek remedy for it.