Value Of Knowledge


At many places in the Qur'an, Haqq ta'ala commends knowledge and lore;

Encouraging towards learning, the Most Beloved Messenger's directions galore.

Know this: ignorance is Islam's enemy, and also the most formidable,

For the disease its virus spreads is such a disaster mostdeplorable!

"Wheresoever cometh ignorance, leaveth Islam thereof," said the Messenger.

He who loveth Islam ought also to love knowledge and be a science learner!

"Paradise lies in the shadow of swords." Is it not a hadith that sayeth so?

Predicting atomic bombs and jet planes, and a succinct command also!

Ignorance is the only malady whereby Islam will suffer disgrace!

O you, plight of nescience, what a shame, this nation has fallen into darkness!

So bad is the state you have led us to, neither faith nor chastity survives!

O thou, the sinister gloom, so baleful is thy oppression on Muslims' lives!

O thou, the arch enemy, to kill thee, over all else, takes priority;

Thou, alone, hast over us given disbelievers this superiority!

Wake up, o you, nation, or else a victim of your endemic oblivion!

Beside the harm, you are being stigmatized as 'hidebound' into the bargain!

Feel shame before Allah, and let go of Islam, you, 'dog in the manger'!

Like maggotty carcass, sink into soil, why should it join you in the danger!

To this caustic remark of mine, however, the unlearned will turn a deaf ear;

For, "Shame before Allah," is a maxim which requires learning to hear.