Virtue Of Tawakkul


Imam-i Ghazali says in his book Kimya-i Sa'adat:

Allahu ta'ala has commanded everybody to have tawakkul and declared, "Tawakkul is a requirement for iman. " It is purported in the sura [1] of Maida: "If you have iman, put your tawakkul in Allahu ta'ala. " In the sura of 'Imran: "Certainly Allahu ta'ala likes those who have tawakkul. " In the sura of Talaq: "If a person puts his tawakkul in Allahu ta'ala, Allahu ta'ala is sufficient for him. " In the sura of Zumar: "Isn't Allahu ta'ala sufficient for His born slave?" And there is many an ayat [2] like these.

Once Rasulullah 'sallallahu alaihi wa sallam' said, "They showed me some of my Ummat [3]. They covered mountains and saharas. I was surprised and pleased to see that they were so many. 'Are you pleased?' they said, and I said, 'Yes, I am. ' They said, 'Only seventy thousand of these will go to Paradise without any questioning. ' 'Which ones,' I asked. 'They are the ones who do not mix their deeds with sorcery, spell, incantation or augury, and who do not put their tawakkul and trust in anybody besides Allahu ta'ala. " Uqasha 'radiyallahu anh', who was among the listeners, stood up and said, "O Rasulullah! Pray for me so that I shall be one of them. " So Rasulullah prayed, "O my Allah! Include him among them!" But when someone else stood up and asked for the same prayer, he stated, "Uqasha has forestalled you. "

[1] suura(t): a Qur'anic chapter [a chapter of the Qur'an].
[2] ayat: A verse of al-Qur'an al-karim; al-ayat al-karima.
[3] umma(t) followers of Muhammad ('alaihi 's-salam); the community, body of believers, of a prophet.