Wajib Al-wujud


'Wujud' means 'existence, being. ' There are three kinds of existence. The first one is Wajib al-wujud, the Necessary Existence. He always exists. He has never been nonexistent before, nor will He stop existing in the everlasting future. Only Allahu ta'ala is Wajib al-wujud.

The second one is mumtani' al-wujud, that cannot exist. It should never exist. Such is sharik al-Bari' (partner to Allahu ta'ala). Another god partner to Allahu ta'ala or likeness to Him can never exist.

The third one is mumkin al-wujud, that may or may not exist. So are the universe, all creatures without any exception. The opposite of wujud is 'adam (non-existence). All creatures were in 'adam, were nonexistent, before they came into existence.