We Should Be Awake Against Enemies Of Islam

Enemies of Islam, particularly the British, employed all sorts of methods to retard Muslims in science and technology. Muslims were hampered from trade and arts. Atrocities such as alcoholic spirits, indecencies, revels and gambling were encouraged and popularized in order to spoil the beautiful moral qualities existent in Islamic countries and to annihilate Islamic civilizations. Byzantine, Armenian and other non-Muslim women were employed as agents for depraving people. Young girls were lured into losing their chastity by means of resplendent decoys, such as fashion houses, dance courses, and schools for training mannequins and actresses. Muslim parents still do have very much to do in this respect. They have to be wide awake so as not to let their children fall into the traps set by these impious people.

Towards its declining years, the Ottoman Empire sent students and statesmen out to Europe. Some of these students and statesmen were persuaded into joining masonic lodges. Those who were to learn science and technology were taught techniques for demolishing Islam and the Ottoman Empire. Of these people who did the greatest harm to the Empire and to Muslims was Mustafâ Rashîd Pâsha. His stay in London was entirely appropriated to disciplining him as an avowed and insidious enemy of Islam. He cooperated with the Scottish masonic lodges. It was too late when the Sultân, Mahmûd Khân, took heed of Mustafâ Rashîd Pâsha's treacherous acts and ordered that he be executed; for the remainder of his lifetime was not long enough for him to have his order carried out. After the Sultân's passing away, Mustafâ Rashîd Pâsha and his colleagues returned to Istanbul and did Islam and Muslims the severest harm they had ever suffered.