What Does Dunyâ Mean?

Dunyâ (world) is the feminine form of adnâ, i. e. , ism-i tafdîl (adjective in the superlative degree). Its masdar (infinitive) is either dunuwwun or danâatun. When it is derived from the former, it means 'the nearest'. The word dunyâ in the âyat, "We have adorned the lowest (nearest to the Earth) heaven with stars giving lights like lamps" is so. It has been used with the second meaning in some places. For instance, it bears the second meaning in the hadîth, "Things that are danî, base, are mal'ûn." That is, the world is mal'ûn. Despicable things are the nahy-i iqtizâ'î and nahy-i gayr-i-iqtizâ'î of Allâhu ta'âlâ, that is, they are harâm and makrûh. Property was not spoken ill of because Allâhu ta'âlâ made property a blessing. The evidence for this truth is the property of Hadrat Ibrahîm Khalîl-ur-Rahmân ('alaihi's-salâm), who is the second most valuable creation of all creatures and humanity. His livestock included half a million heads of cattle that filled plains and valleys.

There are many things which Allâhu ta'âlâ has made mubâh, which He has permitted. The value in these is more than that in the harâm. Allâhu ta'âlâ likes those who use the mubâh. He dislikes those who use the harâm. Does a wise and reasonable person spurn the love of his Owner and Creator for only a temporary pleasure? Besides, the number of things that are harâm is very small. The flavours in the harâms exist in the mubâhs, too.