What Does Sunnat Mean?

The term sunnat has three different meanings in our religion. When Book and Sunnat are said together, the Book means the Qur'an and the Sunnat means hadiths. When said Fard and Sunnat fard means Allah's commandments and sunnat means our Prophet's 'sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam' sunnats, that is, his commands. When the word Sunnat is used alone, it means the Shari'at, that is, all the rules of Islam. Books of fiqh [1] teach this fact. For example, it is written in Mukhtasar-i Quduri, "He who knows the Sunnat best will become the imam [2]. " When explaining this statement, the book Jawhara writes, "In this context Sunnat means the Shari'at. "

[1] fiqh: knowledge dealing with what Muslims should do and should not do; actions, a'mal, 'ibadat.
[2] imam: i) profound 'alim; founder of a madhhab; ii) leader in congregational salat; iii) caliph.