What Was Taught By A Prophet Is True

There are many things which are misunderstood or which cannot be understood by the intellect, and they have to be taught by Prophets. A Prophet is like a specialized doctor. He knows the effects of medicines well. Effects of some medicines might be found by laymen through the intellect after long experiences, but men of intellect might face risks and harms before learning them, and it would require a great deal of time and work. They would have no time left for using their intellect in doing other necessary jobs. By giving the doctor a little recompense, however, they attain the benefits of medicines and rid themselves of their illnesses. To say that Prophets are unnecessary is like saying that doctors are unnecessary. Since the commandments taught by a Prophet are wahy revealed by Allâhu ta'âlâ, they are all true and beneficial. The doctor's knowledge, although being the result of thought and experience, cannot be said to be wholly true.