Who Is Called A Prophet?

It is written at the end of the book Sharh-i Mawâqif by Sayyid Sherîf al-Jurjânî that, according to the scholars of Kalâm, a person to whom Allâhu ta'âlâ says, "I have sent thee to the people in such and such a country or to the whole of mankind," or "Reveal [My will] to my slaves!" or gives a similar command, is called a "nabî" or "peygamber" (Messenger or Prophet). Being a Prophet does not require fulfilling certain conditions like riyâda or mujâhada or having been born with qualities suitable for prophethood. Allâhu ta'âlâ can bestow this gift upon anyone He chooses. He knows everything and does what is best. He does whatever He wills to do. He is the Almighty. According to scholars of Kelâm, it is not necessary for a Prophet to display a mu'jiza (miracle), either. It was said that he had to display miracles so that people would know that he was a Prophet, but this still is not a condition for him to be a Prophet.