Why Was The Nafs Created? (Part 1)

The heart is a force existing in the piece of flesh which is (also) called heart (qalb). As for the soul; it occupies the whole body. When a heart wants to follow his nafs (a force in man which wants him to harm himself religously) and commit disbelief or sins, if Allahu ta'ala pities that person, He does not will him to commit disbelief and sins. So he cannot do them. If He does not pity him, He wills him to commit the sins and creates them, and then punishes him. Therefore, the reason why a man is drawn to torments and disasters is due to his own behavior; that is, he follows his nafs.

If Allahu ta'ala did not create the nafs, then people would have been free from being deceived. Nobody would have committed bad deeds and all would have gone to Paradise. Would it not be better?

The creation of the nafs is intended for man's living, multiplying and working in the world, and for their earning thawab of Jihad for the Hereafter. Allahu ta'ala created the nafs for many reasons.