Worldly Things (98Th Letter)


Life in this world is very short. The torment in the next world is very bitter and it is endless. Far-sighted men of wisdom should make preparations in advance. We should not fall for the world's beauty and flavour. If man's honour and value were to be assessed with worldly things, those who have more worldly property would be more valuable and higher than others. It is stupidity, idiocy to fall for the world's appearance. Deeming this short sojourn a great blessing, we should try to do what Allahu ta'ala likes. We should do kind favours for Allahu ta'ala's human slaves. There are two major ways to avoid the torment of the Resurrection Day: To esteem and respect Allahu ta'ala's commandments is the first one, the other is to treat Allahu ta'ala's human slaves and creatures with compassion and goodness. Whatever the truthful Prophet ('alaihi 's-salam) has said is the very truth itself. None of his instructions is humorous, funny or delirious. How long will sleeping with open eyes like hares (rabbits) last? The end of this sleep is shame and disgrace, empty-handedness and privation. The exalted meaning of the 115th verse (ayat) of Chapter (sura) Mu'minun in the Qur'an al-karim is: 'Do you think I have created you without any purpose like toys? Do you say you shall not return to us?' I know you are not in the mood to listen to such words. You are young. You are active and exuberant. You are in the lap of worldly blessings. You are obeyed by everyone around you. You can do whatever you like. All these have been written only because we feel pity for you and want to do something of value for you. You haven't missed anything yet. It is time to repent and to invoke Allahu ta'ala. This is the end of the translation from the 98th letter.