Zamzam Well


The Zamzam well, also within Masjid-i-haram, is in a room opposite the corner of hajer-i-aswad and fourteen and a half meters away from the corner, and has a stone curb 1. 9 metres high. Its diameter is two and a half meters long, and its depth is thirty meters. The room, built by Sultan Abd-al Hamid Khan I, who also had the Beylerbeyi Mosque built in Istanbul, has a floor covered with marble, sloping near the walls, and ending in gutters at the feet of the walls. The gutters are of such competent work as they do not let any water ooze into the well. The mouth of the well is about one metre and half above their level. This work of art, a valuable keepsake of history, was barbarously destroyed in 1383 [1963 A. D. ] They lowered the mouth of the well and an area of several metres around it to a level several metres below the earth's surface.